Application deadline was April 15, 2019.  Nominations from the floor will be accepted at the
Elections on May 13, 2019.  All eligible members are encouraged to attend and vote.

                                                               Meet the Candidates

Position:  President
Applicant:  Amy Baldwin

Former Positions:  Area Coordinator Facilitator, Secretary, Mentor, Newsletter

Background/Expertise:   Experience, communication and organization

Reason for applying?  I enjoy being involved and working with a great group of women.

Position:  Training Coordinator  
Applicant:  Beth Beltz    

Former Positions:  Area Coordinator Facilitator, Fundraiser Coordinator and MLFCCA Representative

Background/Expertise:  In my years as a provider, as an area coordinator and as the Area Coordinator
Facilitator, I have attended many trainings through DCFCCA and other places.   I have met many trainers
which would be beneficial in this position.

Reason for applying?   I feel DCFCCA has done and continues to do great things for family child
care providers.  I would like the opportunity to contribute to this.

Position:  Membership Coordinator
Applicant:  Cindy Bills

Former Position:  None

Background/Expertise:  Whatever is needed.

Reason for applying?  To do my part for the association and our profession.

Position:  Website Coordinator
Applicant:  Melissa Enke

Former Position:  Mentor Coordinator, Fundraiser Coordinator

Background/Expertise: I am a fast and motivated learner.  I have experience being on the board in
the past.  I am active in different programs for my child care program, and I am an early childhood trainer
and teach in many areas of Minnesota.

Reason for applying?   I would love to serve on the DCFCCA board because I love giving back to an
association that has taught me so much and has helped me become the provider I am today.

Position:  Mentor Coordinator  
Applicant:  open

            Nominations will be accepted from the floor.