Melissa Enke               952-378-1123

Jodi Grimes                      952-895-7361

Joan Finley                 952-322-3304

Beth Beltz                         651-450-7988

Hannah Huberty          651-688-7409

Nicole Goebel                   952-953-9313
If you need some support or have a question, these providers have volunteered to be
just a phone call away.  
                                       Mentor Program

Are you new to the child care field?  Or have you been in the child care field for a while?  Our
Mentor Program may be for you!  By the nature of their work, family child care providers tend
to experience situations that can only be understood by others performing the same type of
work.  A large number of caring and patient providers leave the child care profession due to
feeling isolated and frustrated, thus causing a shortage of quality care for children. These
results prompted the DCFCCA Mentor Program.

There are two programs within the  DCFCCA Mentor Program:

    One-on-One Mentoring:  This program is for newly licensed providers who would like
    one-on-one guidance with an experienced provider.  The volunteer providers serving as
    mentors are trained in the principles of being an effective mentor and will receive
    guidance in sharing in the professional growth of newly licensed family child care

If you are newly licensed and are interested in being mentored or if you have been licensed for
awhile and you have the wisdom to share with new providers,
please email mentor@dcfcca.
org for more information.

Provider Care Line
: This program is a phone network of experienced family child care
professionals who are willing to answer questions from other child care providers.  This
network is available to any Dakota County family child care provider who is in need of
assistance, and is generally used by providers who only have a couple of questions.   
Volunteers choosing to be Provider Care Line mentors serve in an ongoing capacity,
and their names and numbers are shown below.